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  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Location: Lisboa

Important: 1 GoCar per 2 people, please book the correct number of GoCars. If you book a larger number than is included in the price you will be charged upon arrival at our shop.

In order to improve your experience we’ve created this combo option, a Segway tour plus a GoCar adventure. This is a great opportunity to explore the city from two different perspectives and with two distinct feelings.

Start by enjoying the medieval attractions in Lisbon during the 1-hour guided Segway tour. Swiftly navigate Lisbon’s hilly streets and narrow lanes while driving an intuitive Segway. Learn about its Moorish influences in Alfama; visit Lisbon’s oldest church, the Lisbon Cathedral and the São Jorge Castle among other popular landmarks.

Then it will be time to park the Segway at our shop and go for an exciting tour through Lisbon aboard a GPS self-guided GoCar. Our tours will make it possible for you to feel the city life while exploring it in a funny and exciting way.

Each GoCar includes an audio-guide and a tablet to help you find the right way. You just need to listen to the GPS instructions because it will tell you where to go as well as suggest where to stop, in order to discover Lisbon’s architecture and historical sites.

Choose your itinerary from four different circuits and enjoy Lisbon’s best neighborhoods with all the freedom to go at your own pace.